Filippo Valle

Chief Technology Officer @ Elemento Modular Cloud

Researcher in Machine Learning for genomics


My projects

biophys network


I a a Ph.D. in Complex Systems for Life Sciences, using A.I. in cancer research.



I research in network network theory applied to TCGA and similar datasets



Glifico is a new platform that helps Translators to find new opportunities and jobs



I am Chief of Technical Officer at Elemento Modular Cloud®. The the Cloud revolution at your doorstep.


What I like

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Hiking and skiing

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Complex Systems

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Data analysis

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Software development


Complex Systems Ph.D. ready to set the cloud

I'm a Ph.D. in Complex Systems for Life Sciences, passionate about modeling and applying new methods and mathematics to real-world problems.

During high school, I conducted analysis on cosmic rays data at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.

As part of my bachelor thesis at CERN, I implemented a new framework to monitor revelators and attended the inverted CERN School of Computing. At the Master's level, I focused on modeling TGCA's cancer data using network theory, exploring correlations between linguistics, genomics, and various fields of study. During my Ph.D., I developed and studied tools for applying Natural Language Processing in biology and actively contributed to the open-source community.

I am currently working on Machine Learning methods for cancer research.

I am proud to serve as the Chief Technology Officer at Elemento Modular Cloud, a company dedicated to simplifying access to the awesome cloud technology for everyone.

With a passion for innovation and a drive to make a difference, I am committed to pushing the boundaries in the field of complex systems, data analysis, and cloud technology.

Publications and conferences

A brief list of my publication is available from one of the following sources: Publons, SciProfiles, esearchGate, logootero and orcid.

A graph with me, supervisors, co-authors. My theses and papers.

Open source contributions

fvalle1'stats Top Langs

I love contributing to the open source community developing and sharing (hopefully) useful packages and apps


I released some python packages to perfom Machine Learning analyses, in particular Natural Language Processing and Latent Variable extraction

  1. hopfield4py is a python package to run the hopfield network using Tensorflow
  2. topicpy is a python package useful in topic modeling
  3. nSBM is a conda-forge package to extend topic modeling with keywords


I developed and released apps that at the time I created filled my necessity of knowing or doing something

ZotViewer (test version) Get it from Google Play Get it from the Snap Store
CovidStats Get it from the Snap Store
Tokyo Medals Get it from Google Play




Torino - Italy